My plastic research is based on a consideration about the issue of Space and it develops through the realization of sculptures conceived as mean of Plastic investigation of the Space.
My idea of Sculpture is far away from an idea of object inserted and contained inside the space but it is something different: I realize sculptures thought in very big sizes in order to remove almost their objectual connotation underlining the connotation of sculptures as pure walkable space. In this way Sculpture interweaves a dialogue with the environment in term of separation and détachement from the context, although this is not a conditioning element for the formal development of the sculpture.
My sculptures work as a filter, as a “membrane” that separates themself from the context without isolating them as “objects” and they foster an inverse dialogue between them and the environment: these are “anti – site specific” projects because the place is not a crucial element for their formal development and it is not a characterising element for my sculptures.

This consideration finds a real application on formal level through the realization of sculptures realized in very big sizes: starting from sizes of three metres high for two or three metres large and long of a first phase of the projectual study, where they are already sculptures and not “models”, these sculptures are going to be realized five, ten, twenty, thirty times bigger as plastic spaces completely no-functional. The dimensional influence of each sculpture is a fundamental element for the effective understanding of the meaning of my research that put Sculpture in a strict debate with the context in a way of détachement.
The formal structure of these sculptures uses an anti-minimal geometry and I am more interested in an effective complexity of shape without any decorative goals: it is an asymmetric and fragmented shape violently projecting and never stabilising for the view which is involved to follow the dovetails progressions between different volumes, with their jumps and no-exit ways. Internal spaces are walkable in a way which is never immediate and predicted and they are not conceived to guide to an entrance/exit situation in and from the sculpture in logical and functional senses; furthermore, inclined walls of these sculptures establish an additional destabilization of the view and the physical perception of sculpture’s plastic space in which we are.
In my work I exclude any “monumental” aim of Sculpture that is instead a place for crossing and anthitetical dialogue between the architectonic and urban context and my idea of Sculpture is far away from an architectonic approach. My sculptures are decisively no-functional and they have origin from a very instinctive and immediate drawing process through “sketches” made on paper with graphite, charcoal, ink, acrylic colour and their volumes show a first shape three-dimensionally developed later on with different materials chosen to support and reinforce the sense on which each sculpture is based. These materials have neutral and essential colours: MDF, textile, nylon, aluminium mesh, concrete, glass, pvc, halogen and neon light just to mention some of them. I am particularly interested in materials characterized for their transparency and lightness to unburden the physical weight of sculptures from a visual point of view.